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Statement from Darcie Clark On Crown Not Appealing High Risk Designation Ruling

Two weeks ago, Allan Schoenborn, the man who murdered my three children – Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon – was not given the High Risk Designation under Bill C14 Not Criminally Responsible Act by the B.C. Supreme Court after a hearing that spanned 487 days. This was an outcome my family and I had been dreading.
We encouraged Crown Counsel to file an appeal. As an appeal is more than just disagreeing with the outcome, it was apparent an appeal would not be successful. As such, Crown informed my family today that they would not be putting forward an appeal.
I nor my family and representatives will be commenting further on the question of the appeal.
Instead, we are preparing to block Allan’s request for additional freedoms at his upcoming B.C. Review Board hearing on November 10th. That is where we are focusing our energies – not on what we can’t do, but on what we can do.

I want to thank Crown Counsel Wendy Dawson, Michelle Booker and Trevor Shaw. I cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, professionalism, empathy and tenacity. These fine people are true advocates for victims and public safety.

For everyone who has supported me over these last almost 10 years, thank-you. And thank-you for your continued support as we move forward to protect the rights of victims all across Canada and improve our justice and mental health regimes.

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Allan Shoenborn's Next Release Hearing

November 10, 2017


Keep triple child murderer Allan Schoenborn in Custody.

1,468 signatures

Keep Allan Schoenborn In Custody

We, the undersigned, stand with Darcie Clarke in requesting that:

1) Allan Schoenborn NOT be granted access to the community at this time, only three years after he killed his three children.

2) The rights of victims and the security of communities receive stronger consideration in cases of "not criminally responsible" because of mental illness.

3) The Criminal Code of Canada be changed such that
- offenders found not criminally responsible of violent offences are compelled to complete a specified length of treatment in the care of a Government facility,

- victims of crime where the offender was found not criminally responsible -- and their families are notified in advance of any hearings involving the release (escorted or otherwise) of the offender, and

- at least two doctors must concur before the release (escorted or otherwise) of a person found Not criminally responsible.


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