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BC Supreme Court Constitutional Challenge Decision Full Draft

BC Supreme Court DecisionHere is the complete draft of the BC Supreme Court decision quashing triple child killer Allan Schoenborn’s Constitutional challenge to Bill C14.

To say Darcie Clarke and family are ecstatic would be an understatement.

This is a great day for victims of crime and all Canadians. As Madam Justice Devlin wrote, “public protection is the paramount consideration…the public must be shielded against those NCR accused who are considered dangerous and pose an unacceptable risk to society”.

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Allan Shoenborn's Next Release Hearing

November 10, 2017


Keep triple child murderer Allan Schoenborn in Custody.

1,468 signatures

Keep Allan Schoenborn In Custody

We, the undersigned, stand with Darcie Clarke in requesting that:

1) Allan Schoenborn NOT be granted access to the community at this time, only three years after he killed his three children.

2) The rights of victims and the security of communities receive stronger consideration in cases of "not criminally responsible" because of mental illness.

3) The Criminal Code of Canada be changed such that
- offenders found not criminally responsible of violent offences are compelled to complete a specified length of treatment in the care of a Government facility,

- victims of crime where the offender was found not criminally responsible -- and their families are notified in advance of any hearings involving the release (escorted or otherwise) of the offender, and

- at least two doctors must concur before the release (escorted or otherwise) of a person found Not criminally responsible.


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