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Statement from Darcie Clarke and Stacy Galt About This Thursday’s BC Review Board Hearing

Kaitlynne, Max and CordonThis Thursday the BC Review hearing for Allan Schoenborn – the man who murdered my cousin Darcie Clarke’s three children Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon – continues. He was found not criminally responsible (NCR) for the 2008 murders and put in the Colony Farm forensic hospital. Every year he has the opportunity to gain his freedom and every year my family goes through the pain of reliving the horrors this man unleashed.

As has been the case for the last four years, I attend the hearings on behalf of Darcie. She is a distant spectator to the events which take place in the hearing room. She cannot bring herself to appear in the gallery as the very proximity to Allan sickens and frightens her. Darcie is unfinished business to him and I know should he be given the slightest bit of freedom he will continue his life long reign of terror and violence.

Allan Schoenborn 2015 SketchThis is a man who has had more than 40 violent interactions with staff and patients in Colony Farm over four years. Eleven of those incidents took place this past year for such “atrocities” as someone eating cashews, turning the TV channel, being called a child killer and sneezing too loud. Yet two of his doctors share contradictory insights – he is getting better, he’s still a risk to the safety of others, passes into the community would be good for him but he is a high risk to escape.

His doctors want to allow this triple child killer to visit Coquitlam Centre, Hyde Creek Recreation Centre, parks, coffee shops and a host of other public settings within a 15 minute drive of Colony Farm. He will be escorted by two occupational therapists – not security staff. Keep in mind that Allan eluded police for ten days after he murdered Darcie’s children and that he has escaped police or psychiatric care numerous times in his adult life.

Also keep in mind over 50 Colony Farm patients escaped or did not return from passes on time over the last four years. In fact, a patient on a pass just weeks ago outwitted his escorts and jumped from the United Blvd overpass into traffic.

We also have learned that Allan sleeps 14 to 16 hours a day, refuses any treatment except weekly chats with a chaplain and occasional anger management sessions. How occasional? Over the last two years his doctor has spent only 25 hours with him. That’s one hour a month and at hearing early in February we were told that a number of those hours were spent in the days leading to the Review Hearing to get Allan prepared for the Hearing.

The last three hearings saw the Review Board find Allan to be a high risk offender. It seems the doctors are working hard this year – in spite of the facts and written staff reports showing Allan is violent – to paint him as low risk.

With all this in mind, why is release or escorted passes being considered? In my opinion, they are trying to get around Bill C14.

Stacy Galt Media ScrumMy family and supporters worked hard to see Bill C14 come into law. This Bill corrects the imbalance in the not criminally responsible (NCR) system and ensures victims and public safety are given great consideration.

The greatest protections come when the NCR accused is found to be a high risk offender. When this occurs under Bill C14, the NCR accused may be held in custody for up to three years and not have visits into the community. This gives the accused time to get treatment, ensures public safety is in place and that victims have time to heal.

This is what I want – this is what Darcie wants – and I am thankful Crown Council is highlighting the reasons Allan should be found a high risk offender. There are no logical, legal nor ethical reasons Allan should not be found to (again) be a high risk offender. Darcie and I have requested Crown Council push for the longest in custody time allowed for under Bill C14 – three years – once the BC Review Board deems him to be a high risk offender.

Whether the Review Board agrees with the three year term or not, the ruling will go before a Supreme Court Judge to confirm. HOWEVER this can only happen if Allan is found to be a high risk offender.

We respectfully call upon the BC Review Board to again find this child killer a high risk offender and give him three years of treatment. And give Darcie three years of peace.

Darcie Clarke and Stacy Galt

– 30 –

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Allan Shoenborn's Next Release Hearing

November 10, 2017


Keep triple child murderer Allan Schoenborn in Custody.

1,468 signatures

Keep Allan Schoenborn In Custody

We, the undersigned, stand with Darcie Clarke in requesting that:

1) Allan Schoenborn NOT be granted access to the community at this time, only three years after he killed his three children.

2) The rights of victims and the security of communities receive stronger consideration in cases of "not criminally responsible" because of mental illness.

3) The Criminal Code of Canada be changed such that
- offenders found not criminally responsible of violent offences are compelled to complete a specified length of treatment in the care of a Government facility,

- victims of crime where the offender was found not criminally responsible -- and their families are notified in advance of any hearings involving the release (escorted or otherwise) of the offender, and

- at least two doctors must concur before the release (escorted or otherwise) of a person found Not criminally responsible.


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