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Stacy Galt Speaks In Favour of Bill C54

Stacy Galt cousin to Darcie Clark is overcome with emotion as she speaks at a rally at Coquitlam City Hall in on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 to keep Allan Schoenborn in the Colony Farm Forensic Psychiatric Hospital. Photograph by: Les Bazso, THE PROVINCESpeaking notes and submission by Stacy Galt in favour of Bill C54 to the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in Ottawa.

Please check against delivery.

I am here to explain why you should pass Bill C54.

You all know of the Allan Schoenborn case.

My cousin Darcie has been mentally and psychologically abused by Allan for the past 15 years. Even now sitting in Colony Farms Forensic Hospital Allan still has control and Darcie is helpless.

He can delay a review, fail to show up, ask for transfer etc . The way the system works now, it keeps victims of the N.C.R victims. Only difference now is Darcie is a victim of a flawed system.

There is much room for improvement. Especially where the mentally ill are concerned. In my province they closed down Essondale the only place people with mental illness could go for care and treatment.

People who are in need are not getting it. The Police can’t do anything but bring someone with a mental illness to Emergency. All the hospital can do is get them cleaned up and prescribe them medication before releasing them back into the public instead of an institution specifically equipped for their treatment.

There is no law giving the police or medical personnel the choice of retaining them for a term of treatment. If Allan was detained for treatment Katelyn, Max and Cordin would still be alive.
Katelyn was 2 or 3 the first time Allan endangered her life and Darcie’s. He was signed into a hospital only to walk out when he got the chance.

Two days later he shows up at Darcie’s home. No one came to look for him or to check if Darcie or Katelyn were alright or if the there was still a threat to their safety.

The medical system failed both of them. That’s when she knew she was on her own and no one could help her.

She tried to get away to move but he would always find her. She would call the police and he would leave only to come back with a vengeance.

My whole family did not know what to do. We all wanted to get him out of Darcie’s life but what could we do that wouldn’t land one of us in jail?

The medical system’s protocol and procedures failed Allan. If he would have received the proper care when he needed it so desperately. Katelyn Max and Cordin would still be alive.

Last year there was a report honouring Katelyn, Max and Cordin.

The heartbreaking truth of it all finally came out. Darcie’s children would still be alive had the system and the laws not failed her. Darcie received an apology from our Premier Christy Clark.

Now we have programs in B.C. to ensure this never happens again to another family.

Now as a result, the communication is better between departments, jurisdictions etc.

I feel that if I don’t see this Bill pass with a unanimous vote, I will be the one receiving an apology from the Prime Minister saying sorry Stacy; Darcie would still be alive if our hands weren’t tied by an outdated law.

The first words out of Allan’s mouth when he was found were and I quote, “Is Darcie dead?” She is unfinished business and she knows it!

Now I come in and help in any way I can. Darcie’s Doctor releases her into my care while she was still on suicide watch.

She was so frail and broken. For the first 6 months when I came home from work I would stop outside my door and brace for the worst. As time passed she came out of her room and then the house.

It was slow but steady progress she even got a pass for the local Chimo Pool. I was proud of her and I thought there’s hope for her. To be around children again so soon was fantastic! Great progress.

Then one day she comes home with the newspaper saying Allan is up for day passes and release. All my hard work with her came crashing down, how can this happen?

We live 10 min away and Allan wants to go to the pool and Starbucks. He knows what she likes where he can find her and she is terrified. My whole family is terrified and so am I.

I asked questions and was told this is how it works there is nothing I or anyone can do. I said that’s not good enough. They said you would have to change the law. So I said fine and that I would not stop until I was heard.

Now here I am with the support of the Canadian people. For their help and strength Darcie and I are truly grateful.

Please help me save my cousins Darcie’s life by passing Bill C54. To us this is a matter of life and death.

Thank you and I look forward to your questions.

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Allan Shoenborn's Next Release Hearing

November 10, 2017


Keep triple child murderer Allan Schoenborn in Custody.

1,468 signatures

Keep Allan Schoenborn In Custody

We, the undersigned, stand with Darcie Clarke in requesting that:

1) Allan Schoenborn NOT be granted access to the community at this time, only three years after he killed his three children.

2) The rights of victims and the security of communities receive stronger consideration in cases of "not criminally responsible" because of mental illness.

3) The Criminal Code of Canada be changed such that
- offenders found not criminally responsible of violent offences are compelled to complete a specified length of treatment in the care of a Government facility,

- victims of crime where the offender was found not criminally responsible -- and their families are notified in advance of any hearings involving the release (escorted or otherwise) of the offender, and

- at least two doctors must concur before the release (escorted or otherwise) of a person found Not criminally responsible.


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